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 Home for Artisan Jewelry, Lampwork Beads, and Fused Glass

The hot glass shop at Sweetpea Cottage is operated by Joan Drews. The studio is equipped to create one-of-a-kind items including artisan jewelry, lampwork glass beads sold individually or in our own jewelry, and fused glass including pendants and assorted small items such a spoon dishes and glass tiles.   Joan is a true artisan.  She is self-taught and has been working for many years to develop and perfect her craft.                           




Lampwork, also known as torchwork or flamework, is a process in which glass is heated with a torch until it starts to melt.  After it becomes molten the glass is then worked into desired shapes with specialized tools and artisan skills.   At Sweetpea Cottage lampwork is used to producee beads, pendants, and small objects that can be incorporated into a variety of types of jewelry.  At the left is a necklace / earring ensemble that has been made using lampworked beads and seed beads.  At the right is a selection of hollow lampwork beads that can be incorporated into a variety of desired jewelry designs.



Fused Glass

 Joan has created her own style of fused art glass pendants.  They are frequently characterized by bold combinations of colors and shapes.  These pendants lend themselves nicely to being combined with other beads and possibly wire-wrapped for necklace / earring ensembles.  Often her pendants have a simple bail attached so that they can be tastefully hung from a chain or kumihimo lanyard.





Joan's interests in lampworked glass have carried over into the process of creating lampworked corsages that look like miniature floral arrangements.   She has perfected the technique of attaching lampworked flowers, leaves, and other organic shapes to copper wires, using a variety of colors of glass along with cleverly placed frit.  


These pieces of lampwork are then wired together on pin-backs creating wonderfully fanciful corsage brooches for all kinds of occasions.  The effect is to create corsages that appear to be miniature bouquets.  Whether creating a Christmas corsage, Valentine corsage, or special anniversary corsage, each is a unique expression of her creative insights.   By their very nature each is a one-of-a-kind object that is sure to be loved and treasured.  For that next special moment in your special relationship, consider giving one of these corsages to commemorate the occasion.



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